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Enjoy an exceptional dining experience to savor the Seto Inland Sea in a private space limited to one group per day.


Located in Onomichi's Kubo area, where you can feel the sea breeze, Bingosaryo has been providing course meals featuring local Setouchi ingredients for over a decade, exclusively to one group per day. The specialty, "Tai no Hamayaki (charcoal-grilled sea bream)," is a masterpiece cooked with utmost skill and heart, from drawing seawater on the night of a full moon to making sun-dried salt to grilling the fish. The restaurant also offers other dishes made with Setouchi's unique small fish that you can only encounter here, providing a dining experience that satisfies both the stomach and the heart. The space creation and food presentation are remarkable as well, including the finest Bingo tatami mats, a counter made of sacred wood, and museum-quality tableware. They will enhance special anniversaries and other occasions into something unforgettable.



⑴ Setouchi Kozakana Cource - 

The main dish is the signature Hamayaki.

The restaurant's specialty, "Tai no Hamayaki," begins cooking by taking seawater on a full-moon night and making sun-dried salt. This course features sashimi and fish dishes that allow you to enjoy plenty of Onomichi's small fish, which are difficult to see in urban cities.  

33,000 JPY


⑵ Setouchi "Zen and ShojinCuisine" Vegan Course - 

Uses plenty of seaweed and local vegetables.

It features local ingredients such as seaweed and regional vegetables, as well as "homemade sesame tofu" and

"homemade Hiryuzu (deep-fried tofu with vegetables)." Each dish is prepared with dedication, delivering the essence of Zen spirituality.

33,000 JPY


⑶Setouchi Halal Course -

Pursuing only natural flavors.

Based on the "Setouchi Kozakana

Course" featuring "Tai no Hamayaki," the course is prepared using dedicated cookware and Halal-certified

seasonings. All seafood and seaweed are also carefully selected for their natural origin.

33,000 JPY 



○Notes and cancellations

〇Your seating will be for three hours after your reservation. (Food will be served in two and a half hours.)

〇You can enter the restaurant 30 minutes before your reservation time, so please wait inside the restaurant.

●Cancellation on the day (100% of the fee will be charged.)

●Cancellation from the day before to three days before (50% of the fee will be charged.)

Counter seat reservation

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